Yinghao Xu

PhD Student
Department of Information Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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GLeaD: Improving GANs with A Generator-Leading Task
Towards Smooth Video Composition
GH-Feat: Learning Versatile Generative Hierarchical Features from GANs
Yinghao Xu, Yujun Shen, Jiapeng Zhu, Ceyuan Yang, Bolei Zhou.
Improving GANs with A Dynamic Discriminator
High-fidelity GAN Inversion with Padding Space
One-Shot Generative Domain Adaptation
Region-Based Semantic Factorization in GANs
Learning Hierarchical Cross-Modal Association for Co-Speech Gesture Generation
Improving GAN Equilibrium by Raising Spatial Awareness
Data-Efficient Instance Generation from Instance Discrimination
Generative Hierarchical Features from Synthesizing Images
Yinghao Xu*, Yujun Shen*, Jiapeng Zhu, Ceyuan Yang, Bolei Zhou.
Oral Presentation
Decorating Your Own Bedroom: Locally Controlling Image Generation with Generative Adversarial Networks
Chen Zhang, Yinghao Xu, Yujun Shen.